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Mr. Licon's Oropeza Class of 2019

Otters, Show Your Pride!

Now that another year is under way many students are now in full swing with their academics.  In my class I preach this motto, "If you LOOK and you LISTEN, then you will LEARN."  I hope the students embody this motto as we move forward.  52 days down, 128 to go.  As I said on August 29, be prepared and well rested because Mr. Licon will have you working a lot.  

Where Will You Be In The Fall Of 2026?

Remember college begins HERE and NOW with Mr. Licon in Room 15!



*Semester One Is 50+ Days In!*



Parents, please make sure that you get your kiddos to school on time.  Many student are arriving late and this is definitely affecting their daily instruction.  Every minute of the day is full of instruction and when they come into class late it becomes a distraction for the rest of the class.  I want to remind all parents that unless your kid is sick, please don't miss school.  It is already evident that absenteeism is becoming an issue in this class.  Parents please help with this.  Thank you.  If at all possible, try to make all doctor appointments after school.  Taking them out early creates a void in learning, thus they miss valuable instruction.  Thank you for your attentiveness to this issue.  


ELA:  Week of 11/13/18 - As Unit 2 gets started the students will be learning about the steps required to put plans into action.  This includes, identifying various text structures such as problem/solution and sequencing.  Students will continue working on essential note taking strategies that will deepen their understanding of literature. Students are continuing to be exposed to all of the Excel Icons that are critical in developing their knowledge of literature.


Essential Question:  What can you do to get the information you need?


Story that should continue to be read at home:  Esperanza Rising (realistic fiction).  We are now reading the chapter called Las Cebollas, The Onions.  Please ask you kids questions about the story and have some discussions about what is happening to the main character, Esperanza.  I will continue to send home comprehension questions after they read the entire chapter.  


Math:  Week of 11/13/19 - *Unit 2 Fractions (Adding and Subtracting)  

I will continue giving weekly quizzes on Fridays, so have your kids study what they have learned all week on Thursday night. These quizzes will count toward their 1st semester grade, in addition to the class work, and Unit tests. 


Writing:  We will be brainstorming on how to write an informational article that we would like to share with our peers, parents, and educators.  As they finish their writing, they will publish this on their chromebooks in their Google Writing Classroom.    


Inquiry Research:  To Be Announced   


Book Covers Needed

Parents:  I want to personally thank all of the parents who bought their children paper bags to help cover our precious books.  From our Wonders to our Science books, it is important that when they do take their books home that they are protected and well taken care of everyday.  If you have not covered your books, we have plenty of paper bags generously donated by one of our parents.  Don't forget to protect them when they go home for homework.  Thank you.


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